Designer Handbags - Invest in timeless pieces

Jul 26, 2018


I am all about long lasting fashion items. I prefer to buy a good one, than ten that will last a few months, and then I have to donate, or even worst, throw it away because is falling apart.

What makes a handbag timeless?  Let's find out!

Photo: @styleparouijdane

Tip: We need to focus on a few aspects of the design: the handbag sillouette, the colors, and texture.

1.COLORS:  Classic handbags are easy to match with any outfit:

Neutral colors are easy to match with any otufit. Opt for classic hues like black, nude, red, camel or metallics hues, these will be easy to match with most outfits.

Blond woman with Chanel quilted bag
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2. THE SHAPE: What makes a timeless sillouette?

Avoid handbags shapes that are too trendy, too edgy or  unconvencional. A good example of a tempting super cool, unconvencional sillouette is this Balenciaga Bag.
Opt for a classic and versatile shape, that you can carry everywhere. If you haven't seen you mother wearing anything like that, that means is too edgy, trendy and unconvencional, and is a No-No.

crossbody burberry handbag professional photo street style
Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash


Take a moment to check the handbag materials and texture. The texture should be elegant, subtle, small, and preferrable with a slightly matte finish.

If I find all these aspects combined in one bag, I would buy in a heartbeat. A clasic handbag will last many years to come, but it will remain super trendy and current.

Disclaimer: if even after reading this article, you fall in love with a non-so-timeless handbag, just go ahead and buy it :)