Aug 8, 2018

1. A closer look at the edges:

Synthetic leather:
Take a closer look at the edges. If the edges are folded, you probably won't see the backing of the PU. That is good because it hides the fabric backing this synthetic leather has.

It is very common to fold the edges on real leather, usually, folded edges look smoother, and they will not wear out or peel off like faux leather.

Which one is better, real leather or faux leather? Read more here.


Microfiber leather:

According to Google: Microfiber leather is a synthetic leather where high-grade polyurethane resin and ultra-fine microfiber bundles are combined together to mimic the microscopic structure of leather. The technique used to produce microfiber leather gives the end product a similar amino structure as genuine leather.

Sometimes the edges are raw and the material looks like real leather.  These type of faux leather are thick and it actually looks, and feel like real leather! This is most common on slide sandals, but I've seen handbags too.

Synthetic leather painted edges:
Sometimes you will see the edges painted. This is also done to prevent the raw edges of the faux leather show and it will look more finished.

2. Finish & texture:

The finish is one of the most important aspects when buying a faux leather that doesn't look cheap.
Take a moment to check the finish and the texture. Is it shiny or matte? Does the leather grain texture is random or it repeats perfectly? Matte finishes have a tendency to look like real leather, however, there are some of them that look cheap too.

FAUX LEATHER BAG: Notice how the texture is repetitive
Beautiful Pebbled leather

3. Touch:

This one is more tricky, but I know the difference between leather and faux leather just by the touching it.

Just think about it, faux leather is made out of, well basically plastic, and it will feel like it.
It can feel a little colder, or hotter than room temperature.
The real leather is a natural skin, and it usually is at room temperature.

4. Price tag:

The last one is fairly easy...Real leather goods are not cheap. Usually, a real leather tote handbag will not cost less than $100.  It can vary from $80-$500, depending on the quality, and brand recognition...and then there are the luxury brands that can cost way more than that.

Sometimes, faux leather can cost more than $100.. it just depends on the brand. For example:

or, for $10 bucks more, you could buy a real leather handbag: